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"From the same team that brought you Compound Magic,Compound Magic PRO, Dutch-5,

International Trifecta Betting, Layback n Win, Maria-5, and Spread-5"

Are really happy to offer you this "Swiss Army Knife of Staking softwares".

Whilst called "Football - 10", this software can be used in other sports like Basketball, Rugby, AFL, NRL and more.

Plus Horses and Dogs, Tool 10 can be used.



Watch Tool 1 in a live Demo, Below Now.



Easy to use, and nice returns...

Who are these softwares for?

These Tools are intended for PRE-MATCH BETTING on a type of accumulator [parlay] called Multibets.

Such bets combine a number of different bets [called legs] of whole games or single events, and consolidate them into one bet.

The biggest advantage of multiple bets is that the different odds of the different legs are multiplied.

The combined odds are higher and help to ensure a better profit than if you bet on the outcome of just one match.

The risk is also higher.

Because you need to guess every single event correctly the chances of missing one increases with every added event. Miss one and your whole stake is lost.

Multibets are ideal for halftime/fulltime, scorecast/wincast, handicap or double chance bets You’ll likely think of others, too.

Inexperienced multibettors might prefer to limit themselves to no more than 2 or 3 legs.

We suggest that for your main Bet 1 you carefully choose one leg that will almost certainly win (also known as a bank ) and combine it with another bet that is at slightly higher odds.

In so doing, the two odds are multiplied and you can make more profit than if you just bet on one event.

Nevertheless, you should still be confident about your bets, even about the more risky one.

Bear in mind the phrase above almost certainly win. The deliberate use of the word almost is to remind you that in betting there is no such thing as 100% certainty -- the only certainty is uncertainty itself!

Bet 2 offers a form of hedging protection, as well as trying to deliver a profit in its own right.

Whereas bookmakers’ strategies try to ensure an overall profit despite paying out on winning bets, the Tools offer you strategies to help you to ensure a profit despite paying out on losing bets.

For a range of possible outcomes covered by the range of Tools the calculated stakes help offset losing bets against the profits from winning bets.

The Tools will save you considerable time by making quick, accurate calculations.

And, unlike humans, the Tools never lose concentration because they get tired, irritated, emotional, or impatient!

Finally, whereas the Tools are ideal for football betting they are also suitable for other similar events that offer a Home win, an Away win or a Draw.

By now you’ll be aware the Tools are only as good as your selections.


The first 9 Tools are designed to calculate the proportional stakes needed to make a profit on a range of multibets. The multibets range from Double Chance bets and others.

As a bonus, Tool 10 makes the calculations to help you to achieve your specified Target Profit for single events. It’s applicable not only to football but also to any of a wide range of other sports such as horses, dogs, basketball and so on.

Tools 1 to 7: The Basic Layout.

The basic structure and layout of Tools 1 to 7 inclusive is similar to Tool 1.

We’ll now use Tool 1 below as our example to explain parts and functions.

We then click Calculate The Stakes.

Once you click the Calculate button after making the change, two things happen:
The correct price is automatically inserted [6.5 instead of 4, in this instance] The bets are automatically recalculated.

Note the profit of 3.47, whichever Double Chance bet wins.

The potential profit has dropped from around 4 units to just 1.20.

And even 1.12 Home Team certainties have been known to fail!

It’s a balancing act between risk and reward

And, as always, the final decision is yours.

Here is a look at the other Tools in this Software.

Tool 2

Allows 3 matches, 3 bets, with a fixed outlay.

Tool 3

Allows 4 matches, 4 bets, with a fixed outlay.

Tool 4

Allows 3 matches, 3 bets, with a fixed Return.

Tool 4 Video


Tool 5

Allows 4 matches, 4 bets, with a fixed Return.

Tool 6

Allows 2 matches, 2 bets, with 2 different profit targets.

Tool 7

Allows 3 matches, 2 bets, with the same profit targets.

More on this tool is explained in depth in the 47 page manual.

Tool 9

Correct Score Staking.


Tool 10

Target staking software. Suits Dogs, Horses and sports.

The software works out the stake needed to return the stake AND deliver the defined Target Profit for the event.

The software lets you specify an Increment that s automatically added to the Target after a losing bet.

It’s a way of making each race, match or whatever pay for itself, so to speak, until you strike a winner.

The software works on the recovery principle so the eventual winner recovers all losses.

A Word About Event and ID

If you’re betting a football match the event could be the league and the team details.

The ID would be H, X or to indicate what you’re betting on
For a horse race the event could be the track name and the race i.e. Goodwood 3

And the ID would be the horse number.

You get the idea.
On the other hand you might prefer to leave the event blank and just use the ID. It’s your software -- use it how it suits you.

On A Win

Click WON and the software both clears the data and saves data-details to a text file named with the current date i.e. 12-03-2016.txt

On A Loss

Click LOST and the software clears the staking data, adds the Stake to the red Recover box, and saves data-details to the text file named with the current date.

For your convenience the date remains. The [R] stays ON. The Increment is automatically added to the Target.

If the bet loses then the next bet is calculated to include;

Target + Increment + Accumulated Losses

Rinse and Repeat.

Betfair Commission

You could take most of that into account with the Increment you select.


So there you have it.

Ten Tools that do some pretty complex calculations far quicker than we could with a pencil and paper.

As already mentioned, these are your Tools to use as you see fit.

We hope you see the value, and grab them.

And we particularly hope you enjoy the profits they can deliver when you make winning selections!


We are offerring 10 staking softwares within Football-10

This are windows based and will work on Window operating computers, tablet and laptops.

Licence is for one computer only.

The licence is unlimited in time so you own them.

You are getting the Userguide and Strategies included in this purchase. This is a 47 page pdf.

Lifetime Licence


Save £20.00

Pay only


(less than £5.00 a software tool)

First 50 only

Bet these all year round.







If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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